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Research at the NIPH

Research programs and themes

At present the research is organized in three programs: 

  • Adult Health and Health-related Behaviour
  • Child and Adolescent Health
  • Health and Social Conditions 

On the left side of this page some of the research themes are listed.



The overall purpose is to carry out research on:

  • The health status of the population.
    The research is based on the concept of health broadly defined. Thus, health comprises morbidity and mortality, health consequences, functionality, health related quality of life as well as the population's own perception of various aspects of their health status. The causal relationships behind health and morbidity, lifestyle and health behaviour, the living conditions of the population and the environmental impact are also subjects of NIPH studies.
  • Health promotion and treatment efforts - or health services.

    The health services research focuses on the evaluation of health promotion efforts and treatment either in general, or with a view to specific diseases. This research comprises evaluation of experimental schemes aiming at health promotion and contributions to health technology asessment. 

The main part of the research is characterised by strategic research focusing on the improvement of public health, however also more primary research areas focusing on the development of theory and method are covered. A considerable part of the research involves co-operation with other research institutes and organizations in Denmark and other countries. Furthermore the NIPH works in close co-operation with health authorities at national, municipal and regional levels, patient associations and international research facilities. 

Updated: 24.05.17