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Child health

Child health is an area of particular interest for the NIPH. The research within the programme include representative surveys of the health and welfare of children, analysis of particularly exposed groups and evaluation of the prevention and health promotion activities. Part of the research is carried out within the framework of the Centre for Empiric Research into Child Health and Life style.


Programme activities

  • The health promoting family. A theoretical clarification of the concept, an analysis of the health promoting family and a qualitative study of children's and parents' contribution to health promotion in the family.
  • The development of health and well-being among 15-22 year-olds and analysis of factors with positive or negative effect on their development. The study is based on a youth cohort subjected to the leaving-school physical in 1996/97.
  • Finalisation of a PhD project on health and well-being among children with unemployed parents based on a study of 20,000 families with children in the five Nordic countries.
  • The influence of the school class and school fellows on the health and life style of young people. The project is part of the effort to reduce negative social heredity.
  • Child injuries: A research project analysing the development in the prevalence of child injuries, risk factors for injuries, and the perception of risks and handling of risks by children and families with children.
  • PhD project on the social prognosis for children born with cerebral palsy (CP). Description of their prospects regarding integration, education, housing, family and employment. 
  • Thorough analyses of risk factors for sexual abuse of children based on a study of the well-being of adolescents carried out in 2002.
  • Analysis of the health condition of children of ethnic minorities (in co-operation with the National Institute of Social Research).


This centre was established in 1997 as a co-operation between the Department of Social Medicine at the Institute of Public Health at University of Copenhagen, Institute of Educational Sociology at the Danish Educational University and the NIPH.


Pernille Due,

Professor, Research Director, phone: +45 6550 7777


Mette Lech, Research Programme Secretary, phone: +45 6550 7882 

Updated: 04.01.18