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Health Status of Ethnic Minorities

Research in the health status of ethnic minorities in Denmark is sparse. Previous research has shown differences in disease patterns and in the use of the health services for some ethnic minority groups compared to ethnic Danes and that, in the meeting with the health services, there is a need to pay special attention to the communication with persons from ethnic minority groups. Furthermore, experiences with health promoting (and disease preventing ?) interventions especially targeted at ethnic minority groups are called for. There is a need for an overview of existing research and its outcomes.

The National Institute of Public Health has started a number of initiatives which, in the long term, can contribute to improve public health interventions aimed at ethnic minorities in Denmark, such as for instance:

  • Establishing of a database containing summaries of Danish research in the area.
  • Establishing of a network among Danish researchers and practitioners doing research in and working with ethnic minorities and health.
  • Conduction of thematic days and all-day seminars.
  • Participation in research projects on the health status of ethnic minorities.


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Updated: 16.08.12