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Arctic public health research

The programme is covering a wide range of research themes: from mortality analyses, descriptions of the disease pattern in Greenland, analyses of psychosocial health, environmental medicine, diet, cardio-vascular diseases and diabetes to evaluation of the Greenland health care system.



In 1995 a professorship in Arctic public health was established at the NIPH. The main aim of the department for health research in Greenland including the professorship is to contribute to an improvement of public health in Greenland. Transferring of knowledge and experience to Greenland has top priority. The department has a close working relationship with the Directorate of Health of the Greenland Home Rule, with other institutions in Greenland, and arctic health research environments in Denmark, Canada, Alaska and the Nordic countries.



  • Inuit Health in Transition. A longitudinal study of the influence of diet, physical activity, life style and living conditions on cardio-vascular disease and diabetes among Inuit in Greenland, Canada and Alaska.
  • Follow-up of the Greenland health profile - an interview survey from 1993-94.
  • A study of the health condition of infants in Greenland in relation to environmental pollution and other living conditions.
  • Analyses of diet, cardio-vascular disease and diabetes, based on populatoin surveys 
  • The effect of population surveys on the services of the health care system.
  • Analyses of social inequality in health.
  • Analyses of health conditions in the elderly population.
  • A survey among children and adolescents regarding well-being and with a specific view to sexual abuse.
  • Development of common Greenlandic-Canadian methods in social epidemiology.
  • Survey and analysis of health promotion projects in Greenland and Arctic Canada.
  • Finalisation of the local community project in Qasigiannguit, where the population is involved in the planning and implementation of activities to promote quality of life and health.

 Health Transition

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