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Cardiovascular diseases

Research in cardiovascular diseases

Cardiovascular disease is the most frequent cause of death in Denmark. A major share of the preventive effort in the field of public health is aimed at cardiovascular disease and its main risk factors. Monitoring of the incidence and treatment initiatives is required, as a tool for planning future treatment and prevention efforts, as well as to evaluate the effectiveness of existing treatment. Such monitoring has existed for more than 50 years in the field of cancer research, while it has been lacking in the field of cardiovascular disease. This is the reason for the establishment of a research programme concentrating on cardiovascular disease. The main aim of the programme is research and development within incidence, mortality and treatment of cardiovascular disease, as well as the evaluation of existing treatment and prevention.


Research activities 

The research activities of the programme are divided into three overall themes:

  • Monitoring of incidence and mortality
  • Evaluation of the treatment effort in the health care system
  • Prevention and cardiac rehabilitation.


Research assistant
Tina Birgitte Hansen 


Researcher Joan Bentzen


Phone: +45 3920 7777

Updated: 14.04.13