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Multiple Sclerosis or Disseminated Sclerosis is a chronic disease that affects the central nervous system and results in progressive disability. The disease affects the insulation, myelin, that surrounds the nerves, whereby the functioning of the nerves is reduced or disappears.


Since 1986, the National Institute of Public Health has shared the responsibility for the maintenance of the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Register, which was established in 1956. The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Register is run in co-operation with the register unit at the Copenhagen University Hospital, where Chief Physician Nils Koch-Henriksen and Chief Physician Egon Stenager are responsible for the clinical work with the register.


The register contains data on all Danes who have been diagnosed since 1921 and who were alive in 1948, or who have since been diagnosed and reported. The running of the register is financed by the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Association.



The figure is based on the most recent available figures from the Danish Multiple Sclerosis Register



Joan Bentzen, Researcher, MSc., PhD


Updated: 03.03.10