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Injury Research

Since 1999, injury research has been part of the research programme at the National Institute of Public Health (NIPH). The Centre for Injury Research was established at the NIPH in 1999. One of the main functions of the Centre is to maintain the Injury Register, which is based on data collected at emergency departments in four Danish hospitals. The datacollection stopped by the end of 2010.


The Centre's mission is to conduct research into, and analyze injuries and analyses of injuries and accidents in Denmark, and to coordinate and disseminate information about Danish research on injuries and accidents, in order to facilitate rational implementation of injury prevention.


Research on injuries:

The research on injuries comprises 4 main themes:


  • Monitoring trends in the occurrence of injuries in general and within different types of accidents (transport, occupational and home- and leisure accidents)  
  • Analysis of determinants for injury occurrence, including external causes, products involved, socio-demographic, socio-economic, cultural factors, etc.  
  • Analysis of consequences of injuries, including treatment, admissions, absence from work due to illness, retirement from the labour market, disability, mortality, etc.  
  • Evaluation of interventions to prevent injuries and accidents.  

(July 2010) Latest article. Journal of Trauma. The years After an Injury: Long-Term consequenses of Injury on Self-Rated Health. (PubMed)




Updated: 02.10.15