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Violence and sexual abuse

Violence - A serious public health issue

Research on violence is part of the institute's epidemiological research programme and encompasses register-based research and population-based surveys. Data in the National Patient Register include information on reason for contact with the health care system, which enables the researchers to identify emergency contacts due to violence and, thus, to describe the extent and character of violence-related injuries and the victims' general use of the health care services.


The Danish National Health Interview Surveys, which were conducted in 2000 and 2005, included questions about exposure to physical violence, threats of violence and sexual abuse. It is hereby possible to illuminate the trends in self-reported violence victimisation, its character and correlation with various health problems among national, representative samples of male and female adults in Denmark.


Research on violence and abuse among young people

In 2002, the institute conducted a national, representative survey among 6000 ninth-grade students. The survey included information about the young people's early consensual and non-consensual sexual experiences and their experiences with bullying and with physical violence committed against themselves and their parents.  

This computer-based survey was repeated in 2008 in association with the Danish Crime Prevention Council and a Nordic research network. The study enabled a comparison of the development of child physical and sexual abuse in the Nordic countries.


In 2008, the institute published a report on the prevalence, character and consequences of dating violence among young people in Denmark. This report contains results from an internet-based survey among approximately 2000 young men and women aged 16-24, as well as extracts from focus group interviews with young people about their attitudes to dating violence and suggestions for prevention of such violence. 


National and international research

Since 1999, the institute has participated in international register-based research projects, such as EU projects on data collection on intentional injuries, Human Rights projects on armed conflicts and access to emergency departments, Council of Europe's working group on indicators of violence against women, and also in numerous interdisciplinary working groups and ministerial committees. 


Katrine Bindesbøl Holm Johansen, videnskabelig assistent, cand.scient.anth., antropolog

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