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2009 - : Workpackage-chair of Child Intervention Research as part of The Centre of Intervention Research at The National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark, Copenhagen. Responsible for four projects:

  • The Boost project: a fruit and vegetable intervention among 13 year olds in the school, after school and family setting
  • The Hi Five project: a school-based intervention to improve hygiene and decrease infection rates in Danish children
  • The X:it project: a school-based intervention to reduce adolescent smoking
  • The Newborn study: an individually randomized trial the effectiveness of parent preparation in small groups

2003-2006: Danish PI in the EU-funded European project: PRO Children, leader of work package and member of the coordinating committee


2000-2003: Member of The Metropolit Study Group: A survey of 12,000 boys born in Copenhagen 1953 and followed up with survey and registerdata


2000-2003: Member of European Science Foundation program on Social Variations in Health Expectancy Working Group on life course influences on health inequalities


1999-2004: Co-PI on the project: Health and Marginalization. Follow-up survey and registerbased data from a representative sample of 12,000 40 and 50-year-old Danes


1999-2001: Member of The Health Professional Unit under the International Rehabilitation Council for Torture Victims (IRCT) Task: Research and evaluation of the worldwide projects of the centre


1997-2006: Participant in the Cross-Disciplinary Study Group: Center for Empirical Research on Children’s Health and Lifestyle (collaboration between Institute of Public Health at the University of Copenhagen, Danish National Institute of Public Health and The Danish University of Education


1997-2002: Participant in the Cross-Disciplinary Danish Study Group: Social and Psychosocial Predictors of Health and Health Behaviour (cooperation between Institute of Public Health at the University og Copenhagen, Danish National Institute of Public Health and Institute of Psychology, University of Copenhagen


1990 - : PI for “Danish Longitudinal Health Behaviour Study” (A cohort study of social factors, health and health behavior in 5 age-groups, baseline 1990, 1. Follow-up 1994, 2. Follow-up 2001/2)


1990-1994: Danish PI in the research project “Elderly Women in the Nordic countries” (comparative qualitative and quantitative study in the five Nordic countries)


1988: Research fellow in the research project “Health Behaviour in School-aged Children”. From 1990 as Co-PI and from 1998 as PI. From 1998-2005 and since 2010 Member of the International Coordinating Committee for the project. From 2006 – member of the Scientific Development Group. International Coordinator: Candace Currie, Scotland


1986-1992: Research fellow and later co-Principal Investigator (PI) in the Danish part of the international research project “Age Care Research Europe”. Comparative study in 10 EU-countries. International coordinator: Raymond Illsley, U.K.


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