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Editor assignments

Co-editor, Pediatric Research; Editorial Board, International Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 2009-2010


Examples of peer review work:

  • American Journal of Public Health
  • European Journal of Public Health
  • Scandinavian Journal of Public Health
  • Health Education Research
  • International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity
  • International Journal of Behavioral Medicine
  • Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health
  • Journal of the Danish Medical Association
  • Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise
  • Pediatrics
  • Social Science & Medicine

Research boards

Reviewer (2009) & committee chair (2011) for the Norwegian Research Council


Committees for the Dr. of Medical Science

George Ellison. DSc Epidemiology and Public Health, London Metropolitan University 2012


Ph.D. dissertation committees

  1. Ola Jøsendal. Development and evaluation of BE smokeFREE, a scholl-based smoking prevention program. University of Bergen, Norway 2012
  2. Mathilde Sengögle. Child injury in Europe: Scope, circumstances and association with country-level housing conditions and economic disparities. Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 2012
  3. Klara Johansson. Adolescents´encounter with public public space. Karolinska Institutet, Sweden 2011
  4. Birgit Marie Nielsen. Diary products and metabolic risk factors among children and adolescents. University of Copenhagen, 2010
  5. Miguel Romero Mikkelsen. Children on the move – a an ethnographic study of children’s mobility patterns in suburban and rural areas. Research Unit of General Practice in Copenhagen. University of Copenhagen, 2009
  6. John Singhammer. Social conditions from before birth to early adulthood – the influence on health and health behavior. University of Bergen, Norway, 2007
  7. Ali Sadiq. Social determinants of leisure time physical activity, body mass index and acute myocardial infarction, Lund University, Sweden, 2006
  8. Nora Viium, University of Bergen, Norway, 2005

Job application reviews

Member of review board for four senior research positions and 4 assistant professor positions. During my Deanery of Medical Education from 2001-2006, I took part in all appointment committees for full professorships relevant to the education of medicine at The Faculty of Health Sciences, as responsible for the assessment of pedagogical competences.

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