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Pregraduate teaching:

Counsellor for more than 40 final student bachelor or candidate these (medicine and public health)


2009: Course in “Children on the move – an ethnographic study of children’s mobility patterns in suburban and rural areas”. The University of Copenhagen. January 2009-November 2009


2008, 2009: Teaching at two courses: in Medical sociology and Prevention for the FSV-education at the University of Copenhagen


2004-2007: Course in medical sociology for medical student, development and planning of course initially and later teacher on the courses


1999-2007: Course in Prevention and in Social factors and health for Public Health students (candidate degree) and responsible for developing and planning the course in Prevention


1996-2002: Clinical Social Medicine for medical students


1992-1997: Epidemiology for medical student


Postgraduate teaching activities:


1997 - : Counsellor of 18 MPH dissertations


1997-2001: Planning and teaching courses in 1. Social Factors and Health and 2. Prevention and Health Promotion at the MPH-programme, Institute of Public Health, University of Copenhagen


1988, 1993, 1994: Teacher at the Course on Elderly People’s Health, School of Public Health, Gotenburg, Sweden  


Ph.d.-councelling activities

1997 - : Counsellor for 11 Ph.d.-students:

  • Rikke Lund: Social relations and health (finalized 2001)
  • Mette Rasmussen: Smoking behaviour of adolescent boys and girls – the influence of school-related factors (finalized 2004)
  • Anette Andersen: Epidemiological studies on alcohol use in adolescence (finalized 2004)
  • Chalida Svastisalee: Physical activity, fruit and vegetable intake and the built environment: Ecological and epidemiological studies among youth (finalized 2010)
  • Rikke Krølner: Fruit and vegetable intake among adolescents and the importance of availability: from evidence to intervention (finalized 2012)
  • Mathilde Vinther-Larsen (expected completion 2012)
  • Camilla Schmidt Morgen (expected completion 2013)
  • Mette Toftager (expected completion 2013)
  • Anne Kristine Aarestrup (expected completion 2013)
  • Thea Suldrup Jørgensen (expected completion 2014)
  • Lotus Sofie Nielsen (expected completion 2015)

Counsellor for several research fellows, scholar stipendiates and medical students as well as research counseling for clinical medical doctors, research fellows, assistant- and associate professors in my unit.



2001-2005: “Advanced Social Epidemiology”. Course administrator and teacher. University of Copenhagen


1996, 1997, 1998 & 2000: “Concepts and theories in social and psychosocial health research”. Course administrator and teacher. University of Copenhagen


1994-95, 1996 & 1999: “Life course and health among single elderly women – an example of qualitative interview investigation” at the course “The qualitative research interview in clinical and public health research”. University of Copenhagen


1993: “Methods in Epidemiologial Studies”, Ph.d.-course in clinical research method. University of Copenhagen


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