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Examination of health status measurement along different dimensions and comparability across population groups. Evidence from Denmark, Greenland and USA. Ph.d.

An increasing interest in assessing the state of health of population groups and whole nations is seen these years. The main idea is to estimate the extent to which societies are burdened by diseases and illnesses, and to use the acquired knowledge as the basis for optimal resource allocation for preventive, curative and rehabilitative interventions.

Different aspects of health are relevant to measure, for example mortality, morbidity, functional limitations and quality of life dimensions. The complexity of measuring health is further reflected in various modes of assessment, for example self-reported health, physician assessed health and tested health.

This thesis uses data on health status from Denmark, Greenland and USA to discuss burden of disease issues, summary measures of population health and problems in comparing health across populations and groups.

Forfatter: Kim Moesgaard Iburg
Udgiver: National Institute of Public Health
År: 2003
Bestillingsnr.: 200301
Pris: Pris: Kr. 75,- (inkl. moms) + ekspeditionsgebyr kr. 50,-
Redigeret: 18.06.09