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The cost of violence - Economic and personal dimensions of violence against women in Denmark

This summary is based on the report published in Danish: "Voldens pris - Samfundsmæssige omkostninger ved vold mod kvinder".

The summary presents the main results of the Danish report. The aim of the project has been to give an evidence-based assessment of the various types of costs of violence against women basted on available data sources. The comprehensive Danish register-based data and data from population surveys carried out in 2000 and 2005 by the National Institute of Public Heealth enables us to identify a study population of women exposed to violence and a reference population of other women not identifed as victims of violence. For these two groups, the project has gathered data on their socioeconomic conditions, contacts with the healthcare and selected labour market consequences.


The report has been financial supported by the Rockwool Foundation.


Author: Karin Helweg-Larsen, Marie Kruse, Jan Sørensen, Henrik Brønnum-Hansen
Publisher: National Institute of Public Health
Year: 2010
Order number: 
Updated: 19.10.17